Religious Services

Religious Services

Blessing of the Sea Service - Margate 10/1/16

Margate is the setting, since it has a large Greek Cypriot community, for a Blessing of the Seas in the Greek Orthodox celebrations at Epiphany (6th January) marking the baptism of Christ. 

Kent PA Hire provided public address for this event, ensuring the large crowds can hear the service.

Remembrance Services

Kent PA Hire provide systems for services across Kent for Remembrance Sunday. We currently provide 7 systems. All of our systems are installed to give good sound coverage so everyone can hear the service. All systems are powered from silent battery power supplies, we do not use noisy generators that can be unreliable. A mixture of wired and wireless microphones are used with a wide selection of speakers. MP3 / CD Players are available for Hymns. Our team are experienced providing this service.

If you are organising a service, please get in touch during your early stages of planning so we can discuss your requirements.

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