Welcome to MB7USK in Folkestone, Kent, UK. This website was accidently deleted during the summer of 2011, and all information has been lost.

I will do my best to bring back the information in the coming months, in the meantime I am working on restoring all of the maps that Brian G3OJZ has created for UIVIEW, which are listed below for download

(Note there maybe some errors - When I get time I shall spend more time sorting this)

Simply pick the correct resolution maps that you require below and unzip the contents to your UIVIEW "Maps" directory. once you have done this, they should show up in UIVIEW under the Maps menu once you have restarted.

1680 x 1050 Resolution Maps

Cambridge Area Map
Dorset Area Map
CE England Area Map
CW England Area Map
England North Area Terrain Map
South East England Terrain Map
South East England Terrain Map 2
South East England Terrain Map 3
South East England
England South
South West England Area Map
Ireland Map
England NC Map
Gloucestershire Area Map
Kent Area Map
Kent Area Terrain Map
Near Continent Terrain Map
Romney Marsh Area Map
Staffordshire Area Map
UK Sat Map

Maps for the Kent Area

Ashford Sreet Map
Dover Street Map
Folkestone and Dover Map
Folkestone Street Map
Walmer and Deal Street Map
Street Map for Folkestone, Capel, and Hawkinge Areas of East Kent - New 24th December 2011
Street Map for the Dover Areas of East Kent - New 3rd Jan 2012
Street Map for the Ashford Area of Kent - New 27th Jan 2012
Street MAP for the Hythe Area of Kent - New 12th Feb 2012


1280 x 1024 Resolution Maps

Ashford Area Map
Birmingham Area Map

Bristol Channel Map
Dover Area Map
East Kent Area Map
England Area Map
Europe Map
Folkestone Area Map
France Area Map
NE London Map
NW London Map
SE London Map
SW London Map
Peak District Map
SE England Map
South England Map
Suffolk Map
SW Kent Area Map
UK Satellite Map

A big Thank you to Brian/G3OJZ for all of his efforts in producing these maps.


White Cliffs of Dover Weather Station
Click here to visit the Capel Cliffs Weather station located on the white cliffs of Dover. The weather station is a Davis wireless weather station. The station is connected to the internet for Weather updates, and uses Cumulus Software which is very stable. Twitter updates are also sent every few hours - Follow me @capelcliffs
The weather station is maintained and hosted by Primary Technologies



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